Cranesville Country Rentals

Rental Agreement



1350 Cranesville Loop Rd.

Terra Alta, WV 26764



Terms of rental contract


This agreement constitutes a contract with Cranesville Country Rentals, and supersedes all other vacation rental contracts. 


1. PAYMENT AND DEPOSITS: (Checks, Cashier Check, Money Order or Credit Card) within 14 days of the booking $150.00 is due to hold the booking.  The Balance is due 30 days before your stay. 




A full refund will be given 30 days prior to arrival.  If you must cancel your reservation after the 30 days, any monies received by Cranesville Country Rentals are non-refundable,  UNLESS THE UNIT CAN BE RE-RENTED.  We will make every effort to re-rent.  Security Deposit will be refunded. 




1 roll of paper towels, 3 rolls of toilet paper, filters for coffee maker, bath towels, kitchen towels, linens, dish soap, and trash bags.





Towels for Hot Tub, charcoal for grill, coffee, aluminum foil, saran wrap, baggies, spices, ice, food and drink, sun screen, bug spray,  binoculars for watching wildlife, and fishing poles.  


Mountain roads can be rough at any time of year.  We do not guarantee any road surface conditions.  Most roads in our area are well maintained, however some are curvy and steep. Some are gravel.  In the fall, winter, and early spring it is not uncommon to occasionally have hazardous road conditions.  It is strongly suggested that all guests during these seasons have 4-wheel drive or chains.  We do not give refunds due to road conditions.  You are responsible for your transportation.  We are not responsible for any towing charges you may incur during your stay. 




NOTE—You are using the Hot Tub at your own risk.   We do not advise you to use these tubs during or after consuming alcoholic beverages or if you have existing heart problems or health problems.  Hot Tub temperatures cannot by law exceed 103.  Please read directions before entering the Hot Tub.


Unhook pad lock. 

A.  Fold cover back onto itself, leaving the metal frame between folds.

B.  Lift metal bar. The cover will hang on the metal bar. 

C.  Adjust temperature setting with “temp up” or “temp down” buttons. 

NEVER exceed 103 degrees. 

D.   Adjust air flow with lever

E.  NEVER, NEVER, NEVER push the “set” button.  This will lock the system and none of the controls will work.

F.  Do not use foaming agents of any kind.  Use of any foaming agents (such as bubble bath, etc.) may cause severe damage to the mechanical parts of the tub. Trust us, you will not be able to remove the foam once you use it.

G.  Please shower prior to using HOT TUB. NEVER enter HOT TUB with dirty clothes, shoes grass or gravel or dirt on feet.  

H.  When finished, simply fold the cover back to its original position and  always secure the Hot Tub with the provided locking strap with pad lock  anytime the HOT TUB is not in use.  The wind may blow the hot tub cover off and damage it.

I.  During Winter- to  PREVENT DAMAGE  to the cover and cabinet NEVER use snow shovel or other sharp devise to remove snow or ice.  Please always us a broom on Hot Tub cover. 


A.  Please clean up after your stay.  This allows us to provide guests with cheaper stays and not assess a cleaning fee. 

B.  Please strip all beds that were used and place each sheet set in one of the pillow cases. (Leave comforters and blankets folded on bed)

C.  Please place all used towels, hand towels and any wet material in the bath tub when you leave. 

D.  Please do not drape any wet item, towels, clothes, etc., over any furnishings or wood railings.

E.  Please wash all used dishes and replace them into the cabinets. 

F.  Prior to departing from your stay, please turn thermostat to 55 degrees.  Cabins with propane fire place will be turned down by owner.

G.  Leave trash outside by door.  We will pick it up when we shut down the cabin.  If you need us to pick up trach before your departure let me know so I can stop by to pick it up.


7.   CHECK IN and OUT TIMES—Check in 4:00 PM  Check out at Noon 12:00 PM

Arrival and check out times are flexible when cabin is not rented back to back, but must be agreed upon prior to arrival or will be enforced as stated in this agreement.




No pets are permitted unless arrangements have been made with owner.  NO SMOKING is permitted in the Cabins or Hot Tub. All smoking material must be extinguished and discarded properly (not thrown on the ground).  Violation of this clause will result in the termination of the agreement and immediate removal of guests.  Evidence of a violation after guest departure will result in, as a minimum, a forfeiture of any security deposit. 



Guest is responsible for any damages occurring to the rental unit, its grounds or furnishings during Guests occupancy, which resulted from negligence of Guest or any member of Guest’s party.  Cost of repair or replacement will be deducted from security deposit.  However, forfeiture of security deposit will not relieve Guest of responsibility for the costs of such damages or loss in excess of the amount of the security deposit. 


Guest and all members of Guest’s party agrees to indemnify and save Cranesville Country Rentals, and its agents, free and harmless from any liability for any loss of damage whatsoever arising from, related to, or in connections with rental of the premises, including but not limited to any claim or liability for personal injury or damage of loss of property which is made, incurred or sustained by Guest or any Guest invitee.  Violation by Guest of any of the conditions or restrictions of this agreement will automatically authorize Agent to terminate this agreement and enter premises.  Upon notice of such termination of this agreement, Guest shall vacate the premises immediately, without refund of rents or security deposit. 


Cranesville Country Rentals will make every effort to make your stay an enjoyable one.  Refunds cannot be made due to inclement weather, mechanical failures of equipment, or utility failures outside the control of Cranesville Country Rentals.  Every effort will be made to remedy any of the above mentioned issues.   


NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual agreements and covenants herein contained, Guest has read and agreed to the following:

I understand the rules and rental conditions upon which I am agreeing to rent accommodations, equipment, and use of the property, canoe, kayaks and land.  I acknowledge and accept that the sole responsibility for safety lies with the participant.  In agreeing to this, I acknowledge that outdoor, mountain, water, and camping activities and exposure to the natural elements and animals can be dangerous and sometimes result in injury and even death.  Riverbanks, streams, steps and decks can be slippery, animals and insects can threaten and infect or injure, exposure to the elements can cause hypothermia, sunburn, among other risks inherent in participating in camping, outdoor and water activities.  I know that alcohol and/or drugs do not mix safely with any outdoor activity.

I am over the age of 18 and assume responsibility for those in my charge under the age of 18.  I hereby assume all legal responsibility for bodily injury to me or to any person on the property as a result of my visit and use, operation or possession of equipment hired or loaned to me.  Acknowledging this, I accept complete responsibility for the minor children and myself in my charge and visit the property and equipment and engage in activities or events at my own risk.

I will abide by the rules and accept these rental conditions:

  • The property I rent will be returned in the same condition in which it was rented and I will be responsible for all damage and/or loss that occurs during my rental period.
  • I agree to hold harmless and to indemnify the Owner of the Rental Property against all loss, damage, expense and penalty on account of personal injury or property damage to the rental dwellers, the undersigned or to any minor child or children in the charge of the undersigned, howsoever rising, whether by act or acts or failure to act of the employees, owners or animals of the said company or property owners or not.
  • I acknowledge receipt of the property in good order and condition (if found otherwise per my arrival I will contact Owner immediately) and further agree that the Owner of the Rental Property shall not be liable for consequential damages of any kind or nature from whatever cause arising, whether property or equipment is loaned or rented.
  • I enter into agreement freely with the Owner of the Rental Property at my own risk, acknowledging the risks inherent in outdoor and river activities and assume any and all responsibility for the minor children and myself in my charge.
  • All parties agree to and will comply with Federal, State and County pollution laws and any other applicable laws and regulations.